Big Challenge 2005, Troisième, niveau 1.

1." your name?" "Janet."

2. you live in England?

3. Harry sometimes coffee, but never with milk.

4. Our grandparents to see us next Sunday.

5. I'm sorry, I time.

6. We the news on the radio last night.

7. Hollywood and San Francisco are in .

8. Has those songs before?

9. If we early, we'll get the best seats.

10. go to Spain this summer.

11. Jane fell the stairs and hurt her back.

12. Complete the "family" of words : shower, bath, towel, .

13. You water these plants too often. They like dry conditions.

14. "The buses are on strike." "They ! Look! Two are coming!"

15. Tell those children to stop in the street. It's dangerous.

16. That's the dog in our garden our Saturday.

17.Bill looks the his brother, Doug. They're identical twins.

18. The Missouri - not the Mississippi - is the in the USA.