British kids love chips. But they hate to eat their vegetables !

69% Salt

57% Vinegar

24% Ketchup

7% Bread and butter

5% Mayonnaise


Choose your chips

This is what British people like on their chips.

What about you ? Do you prefer ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise ?

  1. Sir Walter Raleigh introduces potatoes to England.

1700s The French introduce fried potatoes, or chips, to the English.

2000 A British person eats 30 kg of chips a year !

Potatoes are good for you. They have proteins and vitamins B and C. But other vegetables are good for you, too.

And British parents worry because their children don't eat enough vegetables.

So, a British food company has some new ideas for vegetables. For example, they make carrots in chocolate sauce and corn in pizza sauce. "They look horrible, but they taste good", says one girl.